Cultivating a Love of Beauty

At Trinity Academy, we recognize not only the practical value of the arts but also their power to move your child. When young people come to appreciate beauty, they become better people for it and develop abilities that will last them a lifetime. 

Arts are not elective at Trinity Academy but form an essential part of every student’s education. Students take four years of studio art, five years of music, three years of drama and two years of art history. In studio art, students begin with calligraphy and move on to learn skills and techniques in drawing and painting. In art history, students study a variety of art forms from the prehistoric era to the present. In music, students learn to read, compose and perform music using both strings and the voice as instruments. In drama, students are taught the techniques of acting and perform in full-length plays.

Our focus on building skills and working with masterworks in each discipline means your child will be able to draw, paint, play, sing and act with a grace and beauty you may never have imagined.

Experience our fine arts program by watching our plays and recitals here.

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