An Overview of Our Approach to Education

ALL TRINITY ACADEMY students follow a set curriculum, featuring literature, writing, and history; mathematics and science; Scripture and Catholic or Protestant Christian doctrine; foreign language; and music (theory and performance), art (studio and history), and drama.

The design of the curriculum emphasizes integration of the courses not just within a particular grade level, but across all grade levels. Within the context of a community of learners, students achieve the goals of discovering truth, practicing goodness, and creating beauty by engaging with the content of the curriculum and appropriating the approach to its mastery taught and modeled by the teachers.

Through rigorous study (including the careful reading and discussion of original texts and documents, wherever appropriate) and on-going interaction with their teachers and classmates at Trinity Academy, our students master intellectual skills; achieve literacy in language, mathematics, science, and aesthetics; and develop the personal qualities and social virtues necessary for full participation in the community of learners and society at large.