Learn More About Trinity Academy

TRINITY ACADEMY is built on the foundation of a joyful, discerning, and ecumenical Christian culture. We seek to prepare and inspire young men and women for a purposeful, successful future.  Our students are encouraged to be intellectually curious and are introduced to a habitual vision of greatness firmly rooted in a rich and rigorous culture of learning.

Our classical curriculum, designed to encourage the discovery of truth, the practice of goodness, and the creation of beauty, is established around these three pillars of education:

  • Humanities - Students learn to communicate and express themselves in speech and writing, developing critical thinking and collaborative learning skills through courses in history, literature, scripture, and language. In the high school, students learn the art and science of Socratic seminars as they read and discuss great works of literature, poetry, philosophy, theology, and original historical documents.

  • Fine Arts - Students develop confidence and a refined sense of beauty as they learn to draw and paint, perform musically, compose music, act, speak, and recite.

  • Math and Science - Students learn to explore and understand the natural material world in math and science courses. Students progress from basic knowledge to advanced problem solving through rich courses in biology, chemistry, and physics; math courses from algebra through calculus; and computer programming.

Trinity Academy, established in 2011, stands in the tradition of these successful schools: Trinity Schools (South Bend, IN; Eagan, MN; and Falls Church, VA)Thomas MacLaren School (Colorado Springs, CO), and Tempe Preparatory Academy (Tempe, AZ). Trinity Academy partners with Trinity Schools utilizing its curriculum and ongoing faculty training to benefit from Trinity Schools' 35 years of academic excellence. Trinity Academy is a candidate for accreditation with AdvancEd.


The People of Praise, an ecumenical Christian community and sponsor of Trinity Schools, is also a sponsor of Trinity Academy. If you have questions about the role of the People of Praise at Trinity Academy, please contact us for additional information.