Trinity Academy announces new administrative position of Executive Director

Trinity Academy is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant from the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust to help fund a new position of Executive Director. The position of Executive Director has its primary purpose in providing leadership in all aspects of the school pertaining to advancement and business affairs. The Executive Director, working collaboratively with the Head of School under the direction of the Trinity Academy Board, will focus on administration, funding, budgeting, fundraising, fiscal management and public relations. 

Trinity Academy is an ecumenical Christian Junior High and High School located in North Portland. Trinity Academy follows a rigorous classical curriculum designed to encourage the discovery of truth, the practice of goodness, and the creation of beauty. The educational foundation of Trinity Academy is characterized by the cultivation of the full intellect: both true knowledge and sound habits of mind. At Trinity Academy, the design of the educational structure enables students to gain ordered basic knowledge about the world and to develop tools of learning, moral seriousness, breadth and depth of imagination, artistic ability and sensitivity, and a sense of wonder. Students appropriate these essentials of education through analysis, evaluation, and use of the imagination. Every aspect of a Trinity Academy education aims at encouraging the active involvement of the student in the learning process. Rather than receiving knowledge passively, each student must actively take in concepts and relationships. This education is both disciplined and demanding, and is effective in unlocking the potential of each student and developing young men and women who are able to think and express themselves as they engage the world.

Trinity Academy wishes to thank the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust for their support. M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust, created by the will of the late Melvin J. (Jack) Murdock, provides grants to nonprofit organizations in five states of the Pacific Northwest – Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington – that seek to strengthen the region’s educational, social, spiritual, and cultural base in creative and sustainable ways. Grants are awarded to a wide variety of organizations, including those that serve the arts, public affairs, education, scientific research, health and medicine, human services, and people with disabilities.